Reliant Energy's customer support center was in need of a new customer relationship management system for their call center agents. We also checked the best portfolio templates for designers and researchers, and the best UX portfolio website templates as well. PORTFOLIO. You'll leave with plenty of knowledge on how to carry out proper UX research on your project. Today I share with you my tips on how to build out your UX research portfolio with examples, step-by-step, and how to craft your story. The portfolio for UX Researcher Mark Hilton. And the list goes on. They want to learn about your process, way of thinking, and decision making. More. Virtual Reality. Follow Published on Dec 22, 2015. UX Portfolio Formula is an online UX portfolio course lead by Sarah Doody. Visual principles. Check out her blog for discussions on HCI and Emerging Technologies. Last but not least, it’s imperative to have … 10 months ago No Downloads. I am also not fond of decks. 0 ... Niki Calderone UX Research Portfolio … UX Research and Design Portfolio Tara Suan, MHCID These samples are my latest work in user experience research. This article will guide you through the steps of creating a UX-design portfolio that encompasses your entire UX process and not just the shiny artifacts. Read about it. UNDERCANVAS UX Research Case Study. She graduated with a Master's in HCI from Georgetown University and has three years of experience in the field. If you have an interest in my research activities at Barclays please contact me and I will be happy to share what details I can with you. We’ve learned that they are just as interested in design stories as in stunning visuals. In 2011 Sarah co-created the curriculum for and taught General Assembly’s very first UX 11-week UX immersive in NYC. Every section of this portfolio site, such as its designer bio, UX design work showcase and article sections, are set to be as simple and clean as possible. UX Research Portfolio. User Researcher at Institute for Information Industry. Ux Research Portfolio 3,986 views. UX researchers adopt various methods to uncover problems and design opportunities. What Hiring Managers Are Looking For As part of our current research on user-experience careers , we surveyed 204 UX professionals in charge of hiring about what they look for in a portfolio. UX portfolio website maker influenced by top UX leads. UX Design Portfolio | Kenzie is a UX Designer & Researcher based out of Seattle, WA. Let´s build your UX Research Portfolio! Throughout this venture, we’ve been cooperating with the world’s top UX leads. All of these roles are equally important and contribute in … As a UX Researcher at LexisNexis, I am responsible for conducting both qualitative and quantitative UX Research throughout all stages of the development process for the Nexis portfolio. October 5, 2020. UX Researcher & Designer - Gallery | Marcelo Cazon Portfolio Marcelo Cazon Projects Gallery About Resume LinkedIn ☰ This is the homepage of my portfolio. Ooma Office Manager: Research and Redesign. Views. I'm a UX designer and researcher focused on inclusive design. I’m a user experience researcher I have a passion for people and understanding their needs. 924 Gilman Street: Embedded Ethnography. A personal UX designer portfolio website is a way for you to be yourself and tell your story. I am passionate about storytelling and strategic thinking. A UX Researcher & Web Designer (and a tech junkie) that enjoys creating meaningful and emotional experiences to enhance the lives of others through the use of technology. Here you'll find top 20 hand-selected portfolios that will inspire you when building your own. Your UX portfolio will help you get your first job interviews and freelance clients, and it will also force you to stay relevant in your UX career. Ooma Smart Cam: Usability Testing and UX Overhaul. My personal portfolio displaying UX ... Hi I'm Marcelo! My research strategy. I was the user researcher on a four-person team that included the founder and chief strategist, a designer, and a prototyping expert. UX Researcher - can also be UX designer, who has more experience in research work. In September 2014, I was hired by ChaiOne as a UX Researcher. ABOUT. 0 From Embeds. UX researchers need to be collaborative and know how to work well with all types, as a UX researcher works closely with not just UX and UI designers, but engineers, product managers, and project managers as well. There has been debate about whether or not UX researchers should have portfolios — they are after all an artifact common in design and other fields where the work product can often be assessed (at least in part) visually, and research is less about what you see than about what it means. (illustration from UnDraw) Initial Approach: Why this Research? She’s ticked all the boxes, from her on-point introductory sentence to the straightforward website navigation and the decision to present just four of her best projects. In other words, no matter what point you’re at in your UX career, you’re going to need a UX portfolio that’s in tip-top condition. Kat Snyder | UX Research Portfolio. Think of this as a key step in your journey to that dream job, or the best way to attract more customers. Actually, we collected a few hundred of free UX portfolio templates circulating around the internet. Based in San Francisco, California. Should UX Researchers have a portfolio? Make your UX portfolio interesting, innovative or eye-catching. When designing a UX portfolio, you need to do everything you can to make it as interesting, innovative, and eye-catching as possible. My personal portfolio displaying UX webcase studies and my writting code skills. Sasha Williamson – UX Researcher at Shopify Home; About Me; Hello, I’m Sasha. I am a UX researcher at Trend Micro Austin. Kenzie Barden. My background came from UX design, computer engineering, and business consulting. Portfolio of Anna Vinogradova, a UX researcher with over 10 years experience working in healthcare industry. An UX portfolio can focus on the overall UX design or on one of its many fields and roles such as UX researcher, interaction designer, experience strategist, or information architect, and experience strategist. And my goal is to work for the intersection of UX design and business strategy and impact the society My Aspentech Portfolio. This guide will cover what a UX researcher does, and how a UX research portfolio is different from a UX design portfolio. Why to choose this portfolio: *This portfolio is a simple, clean and neat portfolio. Share; Like; Download ... Tao Zhang, Digital User Experience Specialist. Mi Chun Chiu, User Researcher at Institute for Information Industry. I am currently a User Experience Researcher for Barclays and details of the projects I have worked on cannot be publicly shared at this time. What should you include in your UX Research portfolio? 883 On SlideShare. A competent UX-specific hiring manager or recruiter can tell a researcher from a designer a mile away. For the others, spell it out in your cover letter, too. As the primary qualitative UX Researcher for, most of my research helped drive sales and engagement with the webpages on Linda Bardha is a UX Researcher and Designer. Sarah’s mission is to help UX professionals realize their full potential and land their dream jobs by helping them apply UX to the careers. Hey, I'm Kenzie! UX Researcher en Despegar “Tengo 6 años de experiencia en el mundo UX. Hey, I'm Josh! Karsh Hagan Project Full PDF SWOT Analysis Report upon request. Trabajé en startups y empresas como Mercado Libre y Despegar, siempre buscando dar voz a las necesidades de las personas usuarias para la construcción de productos más amigables.” UX RESEARCHER. 1). Total views. Designer: Christina Richardson (UX Researcher and Designer) 2). Top 20 UX Designer Portfolio Websites in 2020. Slap the title “UX Research Portfolio” on your collection of work — and in the filename (ux-research-portfolio-jay-kaufmann.pdf). HOME. SHARE. Go beyond traditional user testing and become a UX research star. As a researcher myself, I would be remiss not to say “it depends” because each company is unique. Which UX research projects should you select to impress the team to secure the position? Cognitive Psychology. Everything about UX researcher Evie Cheng’s portfolio screams professional. I was thinking on making a compilation on some case studies I have related to UX Research (UXR) so I googled it and did not find many, then I decided to discover about it. Regardless of whether you are a team of one or ten, this workshop will have something for you. Service Design. All to create this UX portfolio template for you. There are, however, common strategies for selecting portfolio pieces I share with aspiring researchers and those hoping to transition to another company: Ooma Home Security: Field Studies and UX Improvements. I'm a UX Designer and Researcher who likes to understand people and solve their problems, often, with beautifully designed technology. Also take a look at her Portfolio for projects on Design, UX and AI. But PowerPoint is dead. Uncovering user needs means finding knowledge gaps, innovating on new research methods, prioritising insights, and advocating for requirements. UX (user experience) research is the systematic study of target users and their requirements, to add realistic contexts and insights to design processes. But the most impressive aspect of her portfolio is the case studies. Many of the UX portfolios you’ll find online are design-focused, featuring work that is quite visual in nature—prototypes, wireframes, and fully operational websites and apps.

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